A Roasting Style Guide
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About the Book 

A Roasting Style Guide introduces the reader to a new and intriguing approach to creating or adapting a roasting style.

Author and Master Roaster Clark Le Compte uses recent and historic food science research to advance a fresh and nuanced roasting method.  This guide will prove an invaluable resource for industry professionals and hobbyists alike.

By carefully explaining the techniques he developed and refined to more fully exalt the natural flavors in the bean, Le Compte creates a blueprint that clearly maps out just how subtle manipulations of the roasting process release, create, and modulate an impressive array of aromas and flavors.

Of chief value to the roaster, A Roasting Style Guide also offers much that is useful and engaging for the everyday consumer. This is a book that belongs on every coffee enthusiast's bookshelf.



About the Author

Clark Le Compte

Master Roaster, Q-Grader and Coffee Director, Clark currently lives and works in New York City. His articles and commentary appear in industry outlets such as Daily Coffee News and Roast Magazine. A Roasting Style Guide represents the culmination of his constant curiosity, careful research, and committed craftsmanship over more than a decade in the coffee industry.

When not roasting, experimenting with, or enjoying coffee, you’ll find him sailing.

Clark welcomes questions and comments from readers.