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Coffee. Passion. Prosperity.

Founded by Clark Le Compte, Master Roaster and author of A Roasting Style Guide, the Prosperity in Coffee team offers expert consulting in barista training, cafe ownership and management, roasting, green buying, brand building and marketing. In dreaming big with your feet firmly on the ground.

How we see things

Celebrate passion

Your coffee story started with passion; inform and empower it with our knowledge, industry experience and network. Learn to develop truly sustainable practices for long term prosperity. From individuals and smallholders to scale, we fully commit our passion and professional expertise to each client, consultation, and project.

How we do things

Hire passion

Our job is to give you the tools and skills to dream bigger, imagine better, build your vision, and make your mark. Getting that job done well is our passion. Mastery in all essential and advanced craft and commercial skills means we draw from traditional to innovative in training, buildout, and roasting practices and techniques.  

We know how to troubleshoot and how to problem solve. We build structure and systems to best serve and prosper your ideas, and teach you how to maintain success after a problem is solved or a project completed.


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Who we are

Share passion

A flexible collective of industry experts, Prosperity in Coffee grew from a shared passion to bring much needed practical knowledge and skills to coffee dreams great and small.  

Clark Le Compte leads the group: Inspired by his own long experience in the industry, he built Prosperity in Coffee to close the gap between passionate commitment to good ideas and lasting, resilient success.

Share your passion for coffee with us, and tap into the knowledge, experience, and skills essential to fully realize that passion as a sound and prosperous enterprise.


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How we started

Clark Le Compte, Lead Consultant

is a Master Roaster, Coffee Director and author, who currently lives and works in New York City. He learned the coffee industry hands-on, from the ground up, in places as diverse as the desert southwest and the nation’s capital, as well as through formal professional education, training, and mentorship from some of the industry’s best.

Over more than a decade he’s seen too many good - even great - ideas falter or fail not for lack of passion, dedication, hard work, and long hours, but for want of the practical knowledge that comes only by long experience, refining observation and honing skills over time in widely various conditions and circumstances.

He designed Prosperity in Coffee with an eye to manifest passion and manifest prosperity; the Prosperity in Coffee team now brings vital expertise and experience to coffee dreams and projects everywhere.